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Saturday, May 21, 2011


  • Glue E page ... draw a large letter E, trace with glue, and glue on googly eyes

DSC08530 glasses

  • Wear glasses with different colored lenses (I found ours in the party section). I also found these similar ones on Amazon here. The description says “Contains 8 per pack, 2 each of green, blue, pink & yellow.”
  • Eyedropper Art
    1. Fill an ice cube tray with water.
    2. Add food coloring in the basic colors to a few spaces.
    3. Give the kids eyedroppers and let them suck up the water and mix it together in the clear spaces.
    4. Then give them a plain paper towel.
    5. Let them suck up the colored water and squirt it onto the towel to make a picture.
  • Walk around the house & find your reflection ... in the TV, window, oven, mirror

I spy   I spy2   I spy3

  • Use a magnifying glass to read an "I Spy" book. I love these Level 1 Scholastic Readers found hereor at the library. They are much more simplified with pictures than the bigger books. Perfect for preschoolers.

snack idea: chocolate eyeball candies (E week is close enough to Halloween, you can find them in stores) or “eyeball snacks” … slice up a banana and put a raisin in the middle. 

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  1. My little boy would love all of these. I have a great recipe on my blog for monster eyeballs that would be perfect for this! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!


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