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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Letter A

  • Glue A PageDraw a large letter A, trace with glue, and glue on plastic ants. I got my plastic ants from here .
  • Go for a walk. Use a magnifying glass to find ants. My boys loved this!


  • Ant Restaurant
    1. Make up a plate of small pieces of food. Use a variety of foods.
    2. Put the plate outside in a low-traffic, shaded spot where you have noticed ants before.
    3. Come back in an hour and see what the ants like to eat!
  • Make fingerprint ants
    1. Make fingerprints with black ink … three in a row for one ant!
    2. Use a black crayon to add legs and antennae.


  • Clothespin had a cute idea to make clothespin ants to hold down your tablecloth on a picnic.
    1. Paint a clothespin black.
    2. Thread a piece of black pipe cleaner through 2 holes of a black button to make antennae.
    3. Thread 3 pieces of black pipe cleaner through the main spring to make the legs.
    4. Glue the antennae button, plus 2 more black buttons to the top of the clothespin.
    5. Add googly eyes.
    6. Take these cute critters outside and have a picnic!

snack idea: Ants on a log

    1. Cut celery sticks in half.
    2. Spread peanut butter inside the celery.
    3. Add raisins (ants) on top of the peanut butter!

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