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Wednesday, May 25, 2011



This is our alphabet strip from this last year of preschool. We do one letter each week and sing the ABC song each week until we come to our new letter. We trace the letter with our finger before we start gluing the objects on. We just have Z to go!


  • Introduce the students to an alphabet strip.
    1. Display it somewhere in your home.
    2. Check teacher supply stores or the dollar store for tons of different alphabet strips. The one I use is found here (just under $15 including shipping!) I love it.
  • Alphabet Collage
    1. Cut several larger letters from magazines.
    2. Place them in a bowl or spread them out on the table.
    3. Supply glue sticks and paper.
    4. Let the kids glue letters to their paper, then help him identify some of the letters.
  • Magnetic Letters
    1. Get a set (or 2 or 3) of plastic magnetic letters. Target often has these in the dollar section in August & September. Or you can order them from Amazon here.
    2. Spell simple words or just play “Can you find the (A)?”
  • Alphabet Soup Sticks
    1. Find alphabet letter pasta & mini popsicle sticks.
    2. Write a simple word on a paper or on the popsicle stick.
    3. Have the kids find the pasta letters that match and glue them onto the sticks.

Snack Idea: Alphabet Soup or Alpha-bits cereal

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