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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Frogs Float

Okay, not a great picture of the activity, but so typical of our 1-year-old :) For F week, we did frogs, fish and floating with this activity. I got a package of plastic frogs from the dollar store, then cut out lilly pads from foam craft paper (don't know why it's red, I could have used green) :) Then I cut out some small colorful fish from the foam paper so they could float too. Fill up a pan with water. I always put a towel underneath because we usually have some spills. The kids can float the lilly pads on top of the water, then if you carefully sit the frogs on top of the pads they both float! They play with these for quite a while. The frogs hop off and into the water, then back on the lilly pads. We try to see how many frogs will fit on one lilly pad before it sinks.

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