Friday, April 6, 2012

Earth Day

Earth Day is on April 22nd. We are going to take the whole week before Earth Day and celebrate with lots of fun activities and great books. 

earth book

  • Read The EARTH Book by Todd Parr … see the preview on Amazon here. A bright and colorful book showing simple ways to take care of our Earth to make a BIG difference!


  • Explore our Earth with Google Earth.
    1. I just downloaded Google Earth here and I’m completely amazed.
    2. We saw our house with our car parked in the driveway, then zoomed way out to see exactly where we are on the globe.
    3. Then zoomed back in to see my sister’s house in England. AMAZING!


  • Earth Coffee Filter Art … a very simple idea from DLTK Kids. We don’t drink coffee and I didn’t feel like buying a pack of filters just for this, so I cut a thick paper towel into a circle and did the same thing!
    • Use blue & green washable markers to draw on a dry coffee filter or paper towel Smile
    • Squirt water in the middle of the filter with a squirt bottle.
    • Watch the colors spread creating a beautiful Earth!


  • Paint Chip Scavenger Hunt … using Earth toned paint chips! My 2-year-old loved this activity from Come Together Kids.
    1. Collect several paint chips in earth tones … greens and browns will probably work best, but try yellows, blues, greys, pinks!
    2. Hole punch each corner and attach a ring.
    3. Take your scavenger hunt color cards outside or to the park and have fun matching your earth tones to the grass, trees, bark, dirt, flowers … anything!


  • Make Earth Cupcakes … these cupcakes inspired by Kiboomu are perfect! My kids loved making these. There may have been a few fingers licked.
    1. Mix one white cake mix according to box directions.
    2. Divide into two bowls.
    3. Add several drops of green food coloring to one bowl … and several drops of blue food coloring to the other.
    4. Fill the bottom of each cup with blue batter, then add a few smaller spoonfuls of green batter.
    5. Bake according to box directions.
    6. TIP: Fill two squeezy bottles with the cake mix and let the kids fill the cups.


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  1. Thanks! Love the cupcake idea!! Using the cupcakes for an early Earth Day with the scouts tonight. We are picking up trash for a service project. They are also wearing as much green as possible, winner gets a prize.


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