Friday, December 9, 2011

Snowman Shapes

DSC00011 (2)

We did this project totally out of order in 2010 but it would be great for S week (even if it's not snowing outside anymore!) winter or Christmas. They turned out so cute!

  • Cut out:
    1. 3 white circles ... large, medium, small
    2. 1 square & 1 oval ... any color for the top hat
    3. 2 rectangles ... make one longer than the other for the scarf. I also fringed it a little at one end
    4. 1 orange triangle ... for the nose
  • Assemble!
    1. Let the kids glue the shapes onto blue paper to build a snowman.
    2. Then we added eyes and a mouth and some snow with a white crayon.
    3. The best part was gluing on all of the snowman's buttons. My 3-year-old liked lots of buttons :)

Here are this year’s snowmen. So cute! Buttons were still the favorite part! I love the huge snowflakes my 4-year-old drew with his white crayon.

DSC07251  DSC07252

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