Thursday, May 26, 2011


  • Visit a pet store and say hello to the dogs!


  • Before you read …
    1. Gather some clipart of several animals (all the these above come from Microsoft Clipart, my favorite place to get free clipart!)
    2. Let the kids choose one clipart card and identify the animal.
    3. Sing the song below (to the tune “The Wheels on the Bus”)
    4. Continue with the remaining cards.
    5. Explain that "Bark, George" is about different animals and the sounds they make.

When [cows] say hello they [moo] to you,

[Moo] to you, [moo] to you.

When [cows] say hello they [moo] to you.

That's what they do.

  • After you read …
    1. Have one child dress up like a George (a simple headband with dog ears) and you be George's mom (wear a red scarf).
    2. George selects one of the animals cards, then George's mom says "Bark, George!"
    3. The child then makes the sound of the animal on his card. Continue with all the cards.
  • Feed the Dog
    1. Staple 2 paper plates together after cutting a slight half-circle from the bottom of the top plate (to form a mouth slot at the bottom).
    2. Decorate with a nose, eyes, ears & attach 2 dog ears.
    3. Staple a tongue to the bottom plate sticking out of the mouth.
    4. Cut out several bone shapes (see below)
    5. Label each with a different letter and place them upside-down on the floor.
      • or label several with letter D and only feed the dog the D bones
      • or write words that start with D (or names, or whatever sight words you may be working on) and have the kids identify those before feeding to the dog.
    6. The kids can pick a bone, name the letter and slip it inside the dog's mouth.

bone 001  bone 002bone 003  bone 004

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