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Monday, September 10, 2012

B is for Baa Baa Black Sheep

My little 3-year-old has been singing this song around the house for the past month, so I decided we needed a Baa Baa Black Sheep day during B week.

  • Opening Song & Prayer … we sing a Primary song, then say a prayer to start preschool


  • Build letter B … we tried out our new letter construction set to build uppercase and lowercase Bs this week! What I love:
    1. There are enough pieces for 4 kids to build the same letter at one time. Love that we can build upper or lowercase letters with simple direction cards.
    2. The pieces are sturdy and colorful.
    3. The kids can easily snap the pieces together.
    4. I love the large size.


  • Read “Baa Baa Black Sheep” … there are several different versions. Check your library!


  • Alphabet Tiles … we used the ones found here
    1. Display a large copy of Baa Baa Black Sheep. I simply enlarged the nursery rhyme pages I love here.
    2. Tape it to a magnetic surface. I used a cookie sheet. The fridge would work too.
    3. Give the kids the B tiles and have them cover the letter Bs … upper and lowercase. You could also use regular letter magnets!
    4. And then, of course, they want to match every other letter they can. Yay!


  • Preschool Journals
    1. Practice writing letter B and ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’.
    2. Stick black sheep stickers to page.
      • NOTE: I couldn’t find any black sheep stickers, so I printed out this clipart on sticker paper.


  • Play ‘3 Bags Full’ Game … inspired by a great activity from Princess & the Tot
    1. Label three paper bags 1, 2, 3
    2. Place 1, 2, or 3 stickers on several cards. I had my preschooler help me with this the day before.
    3. Have the kids choose a card, count the stickers, and place it in the matching bag … until you have ‘3 Bags Full’!
    4. OPTIONAL: my kids were ready to wiggle by now, so we set this up as a running game. They picked a card at one end of the room, then ran to the other end to put it in the right bag.

image DSC00764

  • Black Sheep Rubbings
    1. Print the sheep page above. Just click the image.
    2. Tell the kids you have a problem. You have a sheet full of white sheep, but you need help turning them into black sheep!
    3. Unwrap a black crayon (breaking it in half may be easier to handle)
    4. Show the kids how to find different textures around the house and how to rub their crayon (on it’s side) to make the sheep turn into black textured sheep!
    5. See how many different textures you can find!
    6. NOTE: my 3-year-old enjoyed this for a little while. My 4-year-old ended up doing four pages he loved it so much!


  • Musical Baa Baa Black Sheep
    1. Teach the kids how to play Baa Baa Black Sheep on the Music Maker or piano.
    2. Print simple piano sheet music here! I labeled our piano keys and wrote the letters above the notes on the sheet music. It’s a little slow-going, but the kids love matching the letters and making a song they know!
    3. NOTE: the Music Maker we have is pretty fun. The kids can play songs if they follow the little notes. Even if they don’t, they love making music on it. I love that they can just be creative and enjoy music. Baa Baa Black Sheep is one of the songs that came with ours.


  • Baa Baa Black Sheep Cookies … every Monday night is Family Home Evening. These no-bake baa baa black sheep cookies were a hit and the kids had fun helping to make them! I love the crazy legs the best Smile

Baa Baa Black Sheep Cookies

     1 cube butter     2 cups sugar     3 Tbls. cocoa     1/2 cup milk

Combine ingredients in a saucepan over medium high heat. Bring to a boil.
Boil for 2-3 minutes, then add:

     3 cups oatmeal      1 cup coconut     1 tsp. vanilla

Drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper. I used the spoon to flatten mine slightly.
Add pretzel legs and a mini marshmallow head.

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