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Friday, March 16, 2012

Green Lunch & St. Patrick’s Day Sneaky Service

I made green lunches for my kids today.


Green chocolate chip muffins, a GoGo SqueeZ Applesauce, green grapes and guacamole chips. I tinted their milk green and left a gold coin and a little green note that said, “I spy something green! Love, Mom”

Sneaky Service & Gold Coins

I love the tradition we have before St. Patrick’s Day. Last night, I left a cup of gold coins out with a note that said,

“It looks like a leprechaun was looking for some gold. Let’s see if we can fill up this whole jar for him and maybe he’ll come get it and leave us a special treat tomorrow! Every time you do a secret service for someone else, leave a piece of gold for them (from the cup on the fireplace). Then they can put their gold in the jar for him!”


I put the note out last night and actually forgot about it this morning. When I got up, I could hear my 4-year-old saying, “There’s a secret service!” I walked out and found a spotless living room with little gold coins scattered all over. They had cleaned up the whole room and left gold coins all around.

While I was making lunches, my boys had moved on to another room. I listened to them fold all of their sister’s clothes and put them back into her drawer (she had emptied it out looking for pants yesterday). Then my little 4-year-old ran by me with a dirty clothes basket, opened the washer, threw the clothes in and ran by again with the empty basket (I found a gold coin inside it later).

They had made my bed, put away my shoes and left a gold coin in their baby sister’s crib on top of her blanket they had picked up.

Amazing! And so much fun. I love it. Especially their little grins and excited smiles all day long. The jar is getting full. I made sure to do their dishes and make their beds and leave a coin. I’ve heard the leprechaun is planning to grab his gold and leave chocolate gold coins and rolos (gold wrappers) sometime tomorrow.

Have a fun St. Patrick’s Day with your kids!

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