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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Grandpa Bunny Bunny

grandpa bunny

  • Read Grandpa Bunny … this is one of my very favorites. My mom gave it to my kids a few years ago, because we had it when I was little. I love it. Grandpa Bunny Bunny teaches each new bunny crop how to paint Easter eggs, spring blossoms, autumn leaves and shadows on the snow. We read this all year round.


  • Paint colorful crayon eggs … So colorful and cute from Chalk Talk
    1. Cut out a large egg shape from white cardstock.
    2. Let the kids use crayons to make designs on their Easter egg (the harder you push, the brighter the colors!) 
    3. Use a watered-down blue paint and brush over the entire egg.
    4. Let dry. The paint won’t stick where the crayons are and they end up looking beautiful!
  • How to Dye an Easter Egg
    1. Have the kids tell you “How to Dye an Easter Egg”
    2. Write their instructions down word for word!
    3. We have done this for “How to Cook a Turkey” and it is hilarious Smile

DSC02426  DSC02427

  • ABC Egg Hunt … of course, we have to end an egg day with an Easter egg hunt. See the original post and printable here.
    1. Print 2 copies of the ABC tiles and cut one page apart.
    2. Hide each of the letters in plastic Easter eggs and hide around the room.
    3. Let the kids find an egg, open it and match their letter to the letters on the ABC page.

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