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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


  • Cotton Snow Song
    1. Give each of the kids a piece of cotton batting (snow).
    2. Sing the song below while they hold the "snow" on their head.
    3. Repeat the song, changing the body part each time.

The snow is on my [head]

It landed there you see.

I went outdoors to play

And snowflakes fell on me!

*(sung to "The Farmer in the Dell")

  • Snowball Obstacle Roll
    1. Fill a large white trash bag with crumpled newspaper and tie it closed so it looks like a huge snowball.
    2. Set up an obstacle course and let the kids roll the giant snowball under tables, around cones and through tape lines!
    3. This sounds really fun when my kids start getting antsy inside during our rainy winter months!
  • Shaving Cream Snow Storm
    1. Squirt shaving cream (snow) onto the table.
    2. Smooth it around, then place several small toy cars in the snow.
    3. Let the kids drive the cars through the snow!
  • Read "The Jacket I Wear in the Snow" by Shirley Neitzel. Available here. snow
  • Before you read
    1. Ask the kids to suggest clothes they wear in the winter.
    2. Show them that item (a hat, scarf, mittens, etc) and lead them in the rhyme below.
    3. Tell the kids that "The Jacket I Wear in the Snow" is about these articles of clothing we wear outside in the snow.

I would wear a [jacket], a [jacket], a [jacket].

I would wear a [jacket] to play in the snow.

  • After you read 

    1. Write the following words on the bottom of 3 pieces of paper, leaving the blank space.

      • I would wear a ___________ to play in the snow!

    2. Cut out clipart of the clothing mentioned in the book. Feel free to use the ones below …                                                           snow2snowhatsnowscarf

    3. Have the kids select a card, color it and glue it in the blank space.

    4. Have him draw a picture of himself wearing that item on a snowy day.

    5. Staple all the pages into a book.

  • Instant Snow! snow3… find it here.

    1. This looks so fun! It’s powdered “snow” and you just add water to make it expand 100 times into fluffy, white SNOW! Apparently it looks and feels just like snow, without the cold. We live in an area that does not get snow, so my kids would love this. The reviews are very good!

    2. I love the suggestions to put it in a sensory or water table or large tub and use little shovels, buckets, cars and plastic animals to play in it.

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