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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Q Mini Book

Q is a great week to make one of these Mini Books from First School! I’m posting this now because they’re available for every letter. They’re great little extras … simple, printable, ready-to-go. Great tracing, cutting, gluing, letter & sound practice! Love them.QQ mini book 2    Q mini book 1

  1. Print out all three pages.
  2. The first is the worksheet. The stickers at the bottom will be used to glue into the mini book.
  3. Cut apart the mini book pages. Stack them and staple to make your book.
  4. Color each of the stickers, then cut them out (great cutting practice!)
  5. Have your preschooler match the sticker to it’s correct page in the book. Glue it!
  6. Read your new Q book together.

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