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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dot Day

We started off our D week with a Dot Day!

  • Find letter D on your alphabet strip.
    1. Sing the ABC song.
    2. Practice writing letter D with your finger in the air.

press here

  • Read Press Here by Herve Tullet … what a fun, ingenious book. The simple dots and text are interactive. My kids loved seeing what would happen on the next page!
  • Dot your D page!
    1. Draw a large D on your paper.
    2. Use Do-a-Dot markers to dot along the lines


DSC05703 DSC05707 DSC05708 DSC05709

  • Go on a D hunt
    1. Practice writing letter D on dot stickers. We used crayons.
    2. Hunt around the house for the letter D or items that start with the D sound.
    3. Stick a D sticker on it!
      • we found a dog, Dr. Suess books, Doc (the car), a picture of Dad, doors, drawers, a doll and lots of letter Ds.
    4. My almost-4-year-old only wanted to write a few Ds on the stickers. But once we started finding Ds around the house, he raced back to the table and finished writing Ds on all of the stickers. He loved it!

DSC05710  image

  • Play dice dot game … he loved this too. See original post here.
    1. Print out the dice dot game board (Click on the image above. I have it uploaded as a PDF now, so it should print full-size on an 8.5x11 paper.)
    2. Roll a dice.
    3. Count the dots and match them to the dots at the bottom of the game.
    4. Trace the number that matches.
    5. Continue until you reach the top!
  • Dot Color Match
    • Print out this great Color Match sheet from here (or click the image above)
    • Use Do-a-Dot markers to fill in the matching circles!


  • Have DOTS for a treat after lunch Smile

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