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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In the Kitchen (with plastic knives)

place setting

  • Learn how to properly set the table
    1. Color this simple plate setting from
    2. Laminate and use as a guide as well as a place mat!
  • Make a 3-D place setting
    1. Give the kids a large piece of construction paper.
    2. Glue a paper plate, paper cup, napkin and plastic utensils onto the paper in a proper place setting.
    3. Hang on the wall to use as a guide to set the table.
  • Let the kids help put away the silverware ... the matching is great practice!
  • Let the kids use a plastic or butter knife to cut food ... bananas & marshmallows are soft. Or let them try spreading peanut butter on bread or crackers

Snack Idea: banana slices & peanut butter on crackers (let the kids help using a plastic knife)

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