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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vegetable Seed Packets

Okay, these are seriously cute. I can’t believe how amazingly creative some people are! These free, printable seed packets are available at Keeping Life Creative.

PODD VegSoup Seed Packet previewPODD VegSoup seedpack carrots  PODD VegSoup seedpack peas  PODD VegSoup seedpack tomato

I wanted to post this now so that all of you with vegetable gardens producing this summer can start saving and drying your seeds. We usually don’t make it to V week until the beginning of March … which is PERFECT to start thinking about your garden and wah-lah! You’ll already have several seeds to plant!

  1. Go here to download these seed packets (she has more than just carrots, peas and tomatoes)
  2. Unzip and print on cardstock or regular paper.
  3. Fold and glue the flaps together. Leaving the top flap open.
  4. Add googly to your veggies (probably my favorite part!)
  5. Once your seeds are dry, slip them inside the packets and save until next spring!


I also love this idea to make additional packets from Mama Jenn…

  1. Trace the packet pattern onto scrapbook paper
  2. Add a blank, white rectangle to the front.
  3. Have the kids draw a picture and label other seeds you will be saving!

TIP: Check out this website to find great information on saving different types of seeds.

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