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Tuesday, May 31, 2011



  • Glue N Page … Draw a large N on a piece of paper and glue dry pasta noodles to decorate your alphabet page!
  • Fill a large tub, bowl or tupperware container with dry macaroni noodles. Give the kids toy cars, plastic animals, spoons, a small cup … and let them dig in the noodles. My mom has big containers full of rice for the grandkids to play in and they play for hours. I think noodles would be just as much fun.
  • Hide plastic alphabet letters (like the magnetic fridge letters) in a tub full of macaroni noodles. Let the kids dig around until they find one. Say the name, stick it on the fridge and dig around for more! Optional: do something extra special when they find the letter N!
  • Noodle Salad
    1. Set out a bowl of macaroni noodles.
    2. Provide a spoon & napkin.
    3. On a paper plate, write "My guess __" and "I counted __" at the top of the plate. (The Mailbox, 2006-2007 Yearbook, Preschool, pg. 247 has a great page ready to copy).
    4. Have the kids scoop a spoonful of macaroni onto their napkin & estimate how many are there. Write that number under "My guess __".
    5. Then glue the macaroni noodles onto the paper plate. Count the noodles & write the actual number under "I counted __"

Snack Idea: Noodles come in so many fun shapes. Cook up a new shape, sprinkle parmesan cheese or top with your favorite pasta sauce.

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