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Friday, May 27, 2011


  • Play a listening game ... record sounds, then play them back & guess what they are.
  • Guess the Sound
    1. Close eyes.
    2. Make different noises & see if the kids can guess what it is ... drum, water running, clap hands, whistle, phone buttons.
    3. Take turns and let them make some noises for you! 
  • Whistle Hide & Seek
    1. Give one person a whistle.
    2. Let them hide & blow the whistle until they are found!
  • Listen Carefully!
    1. Set an egg timer for 3-5 minutes.
    2. Hide it somewhere in the room.
    3. Listen very quietly and try to find it.
    4. The nice thing is that it will ring loudly if they can’t find it!
  • Go for a walk & listen to all the sounds outside. Come back & try to remember what sounds you heard.
  • Sound parade
    1. Let the kids pick two utensils (metal or wooden spoons, metal whisk, tongs, whatever) or a bowl or pot and let them make noise! Surprised smile

snack idea:

elephant ears2Elephant Ears with jam or cinnamon sugar (or a quick version here) … Mmmmmm!



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