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Friday, May 27, 2011



  • Glue D page ... draw a large letter D, trace with glue, and glue on dots (lots of different colors from a hole punch) or use Do-A-Dot Daubers(I found them at Michael’s. Amazon also sells them here. Love using them!)

dominos  dominos2  dominos3

  • Printable Dominos … click here for a free printable set of Dominos! Or click on the pictures above.


  • Make your own Dominos... use the set above as an example Smile
    1. Trim index cards or cardstock to 2”x4” & draw a line down the middle.
    2. Use dot stickers to make your own set of dominos. I actually used a marker to make small dots on the dominos first, let them my preschooler cover the dots with dot stickers. I found he enjoyed making the dominos even more than playing with them.


NOTE: the above set of dominos is great if your kids are good with numbers and counting already. They worked for my first son, but my second son was a little younger, so we made these dominos (on the left). One dot sticker for each square and we just matched colors.


  • Go for a D hunt around the house.
    1. Use dot stickers (marked with a “D”) to label anything that begins with a D ... a picture of Dad, the door, dishwasher.
  • Dot Art
    1. Use a bingo dauber to make dots all over a page.
    2. Use a marker to connect the dot-to-dots!



treat idea: DOTS!

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