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Friday, April 22, 2011

W is for Wyatt book

You can easily adapt this to your child’s name (all about ME). W week happened to be Wyatt’s week. We made this book “W is for Wyatt”.


You could do whatever pages you like. These are the pages we included.

  1. Draw a picture of themselves.
  2. Let them write their name.
  3. A picture of something they like to do and let them glue it on.
  4. Trace both of their hands.
  5. Include a picture they have recently drawn.
  6. Print some fun pictures and let them glue them on.

DSC01873 DSC01874 DSC01875DSC01876 DSC01877 DSC01878

For the last page I included lots of questions I asked him … favorite color, favorite food, favorite place to go, favorite thing to do in the backyard, favorite song, friends, favorite book, favorite game to play, etc. I put them in page protectors and then all together in a folder. We read it for bedtime stories last night.

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