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Friday, September 11, 2015

A is for Alphabet

 It’s so exciting to start a new Preschool year. I love it! There is a big difference between two and three-year-old preschoolers and 4-year-old preschoolers ready for kindergarten next year. This year, I have my 4-year-old. She knows her upper-case letters (by name and can write them) and a lot of her numbers. She knows animals and shapes. We’ll be working on lower-case letters, writing numbers and just playing and having fun doing the things that she loves … princesses, drawing, moving, and pretending. That’s what I love about preschool at home: I can customize it to fit each of my kids.

Preschool Alphabet: A is for AlphabetPreschool Alphabet: A is for Alphabet

  • Color Letter A Hat … This is a great FREE printable from Beth at 123 Homeschool 4 Me. There is a hat for every letter A-Z! 
    1. Download and print the letter A hat here.
    2. I cut out the hat and taped it ahead of time.
    3. Color!
    4. Trace the letters and talk about the pictures.
    5. Tape to fit head and wear!

Preschool Alphabet: A is for AlphabetPreschool Alphabet: A is for Alphabet

  • Introduce Alphabet Strip
    1. Put an ABC strip somewhere in your house where the kids can see it. Our last strip was this one. This year, we are using this one.
    2. Let the kids look at the ABCs and tell you the ones they know.
    3. Sing the ABCs as you point to each one.
    4. Find letter A!

Preschool Alphabet: A is for AlphabetPreschool Alphabet: A is for Alphabet

  • Learn ‘A’ sign language … I love doing this with my kids. I think it’s great for them to learn some sign language to go along with the letters.
    1. It’s come in really helpful when my kids want to know how to spell something and I don’t want to add to the noise (noisy house, quiet church) Smile I just sign the letters to them!
    2. The Handmade Alphabet” by Laura Rankin is a great book to learn sign language A-Z. Available here.

Preschool Alphabet: A is for Alphabet

  • Read “ABC: A Child's First Alphabet Book” by Alison Jay … I love this book! The pictures are so interesting. We have fun looking for items that start with each letter in the pictures. Available here. 
    1. Look at the cover and point out A, B, and C.
    2. What else do the kids see on the cover?
    3. My daughter wanted to “help me read”. So I would say “A is for…” and she finished by looking at the picture. Sometimes it was right and sometimes it was close enough Smile
    4. Have fun looking at the little details.

 Preschool Alphabet: A is for AlphabetPreschool Alphabet: A is for Alphabet

  • Do ‘A’ Journal Page
    1. We are using a simple primary composition notebook this year. Like this one.
    2. Write ‘Aa’ and “Alphabet” on the page.
    3. Practice writing big A’s and little a’s.
    4. Stick ABC stickers all over the page. Tons of choices here.
    5. My pictures show the difference between a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old Smile

  • Watch “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” video (or read the book) … I’m always a fan of the book, but sometimes it’s fun to switch it up and watch a video version. Book available here.

Preschool Alphabet: A is for Alphabet Preschool Alphabet: A is for Alphabet

  • Chicka Boom Boom tree
    1. PREP:
      • Clean 3 tin cans and hot glue them together.
      • Spray paint brown.
      • Draw a simple leaf shape on green paper.
    2. Have the kids cut out the leaf shapes. Add small snips to make a palm-type leaf. My 4-year-old can do this herself. I cut out the leaf for my 2-year-old and he added the snips Smile
    3. Let the kids tape the leaves to the tree.
    4. We added a few pom-pom coconuts to the top.
    5. Watch or read “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” again. Have the kids add magnetic letters to the tree.
    6. Of course, the fun part is tipping the tree over (“BOOM! BOOM!”) and starting all over again.

Preschool Alphabet: A is for Alphabet

  • Play ABC Find & Stick
    1. Write A-Z on a piece of paper.
    2. Give your preschooler a sheet of ABC stickers.
    3. Have them cover up the letters on the page with the matching ABC sticker.
    4. TIP: For a challenge, write lower-case letters on the paper and use upper-case stickers to match. Or vice versa!

Preschool Alphabet: A is for AlphabetPreschool Alphabet: A is for Alphabet Preschool Alphabet: A is for Alphabet

  • Make Alphabet Bead Necklaces … a simple activity, great for fine-motor practice.
    1. Tie one bead to the end of a length of elastic thread. ABC beads here. Elastic thread here.
    2. Let the kids string ABC beads! Of course, my 4-year-old would rather go fancy. She skipped the ABC beads and make a bracelet with our fancy beads. We’re flexible Smile
    3. TIP: The wiggly elastic thread is too hard for my 2-year-old. He did great threading those itty bitty beads onto a pipe cleaner!

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