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Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween {Ghost} Day

 ghosts in the house bedtime for boo

  • Read Ghosts in the House! by Kazuno Kohara
    1. Love this book! This is one of my new favorite Halloween books. Most ghost books are a little creepy, but this one is fun and cute. My kids and I loved the artwork.
    2. A little girl (who is not just a girl, but a witch!) moves into a new house. There are ghosts living there, but she knows just what to do. She simply catches the ghosts, washes them, hangs them on the clothesline to dry and uses them for curtains and blankets and a tablecloth.
  • Read “Bedtime for Boo” by Mickie Matheis
    1. Another cute (not creepy) Halloween ghost book. We enjoyed this one.
    2. Little Boo goes out for his first night of haunting and comes home not sleepy one bit. His Mama ghost tells him to listen to the sounds all around until he falls asleep. Cute.


  • Cotton Ball Ghost PuppetsI handed these to the kids to play with as we read our stories. They lasted for a little while Smile
    1. Simply poke a wooden skewer into a cotton ball (and fluff up a bit).
    2. Add sticky googly eyes.


  • Preschool Journal Page
    1. Practice writing Gg and “Ghost” … my 4-year-old wasn’t in the mood for writing which is fine. I encourage it, but don’t push it. He enjoyed the stickers.
    2. Draw a ghost!
    3. Put ghost stickers all over page


  • Invisible Ghost Painting
    1. Use a white crayon to draw Gg and ghosts all over white cardstock.
    2. Use a Do-A-Dot marker to “catch” the ghosts and Gs. 
    3. My kids never get tired of doing these.

DSC02198 DSC02199

  • Ghost art and narration … I love doing these! They always turn out so cute.
    1. Have the kids retell the story “Ghosts in the House” in their own words.
    2. Type their story word for word and print it out on orange paper.
    3. Have the kids draw a black Halloween scene on the orange paper.
    4. Cut a ghost shape out of vellum. Glue on top of your Halloween scene to look just like the artwork in the book

DSC06174DSC06178 DSC06183

  • Make ghost windsocks
    1. Cut out two black circle eyes and an black oval mouth.
    2. Glue to a piece of white cardstock.
    3. Slip the page into a clear page protector.
    4. Cut a white garbage bag into strips.
    5. Tape to the bottom of the ghost face.
    6. Roll into a tube and hang!


  • Oreo ghost treats … we’re using our imaginations on these Smile … they were sure yummy! 
    1. Melt white candy melts.
    2. Dip Oreos in the candy melts
    3. Add candy eyes (or two chocolate chip eyes!)
    4. Let dry on wax paper.


  1. I have got to try that invisible ghost painting. It sounds like my kids would love it!

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing those activities to us. I am sure that kids will really enjoy this stuff. Keep posting!

  3. I recently found your blog, and can I just say that I am in love. I had been looking for a way to organize a little preschool at home with my daughter, and it wasn't until I found your blog that I could finally figure out what to do, and how to do it. I love your activities, and your ideas. I am in awe of the work that you put into it, and wonder how you find the time and energy to do it all. Thank you so much for being willing to share your ideas. It definitely makes life a lot easier for me. Keep it up, because I am a big fan!

  4. Halloween! My most favorite event and I enjoyed it even this year with friends. We made some great makeovers.


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