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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And Then It’s Spring

Since we are celebrating Earth Day all week, I wanted to celebrate Spring. We will talk about the Earth and how we enjoy all of the seasons, including Spring!

and then it's spring

  • Read And Then It's Spring by Julie Fogliano … what a perfect spring story as the browns of winter patiently turn to the colors of spring!

colors everywhere

  • Read Colors Everywhere by Sam McBratney … Little and Big Nutbrown Hares pick out their favorite greens, yellow, reds and browns from the colors everywhere around them. I love the illustrations!

color sorter

  • Colorful scavenger hike … What a great idea from Family Fun.
    1. Color each section of an egg carton a different color (think outdoor springtime colors). Leave the lid attached.
    2. Take a hike or simply a walk around the neighborhood and enjoy all of the beautiful springtime colors.
    3. Challenge the kids to find natural souvenirs to match each color in their egg carton!
    4. OPTIONAL: I loved all the other suggestions for a hiking adventure from Family Fun:
      • Magnifying glass: take a closer look at veins on a leaf or bugs on a log.
      • Magnets: run a magnet in the dirt to see if little bits of iron stick to it.
      • Spray bottle: Spritz a spider web or a rock to see amazing changes.
      • Homemade Soil Slides: Cut a 1/2-inch square from the center of an index card. Cover the hole with clear sticky tape. Press the sticky side against the soil and examine the soil close up with a magnifying glass.


  • Seasons Match … a wonderful, free printable from Montessori for Everyone. There are several ways to use these cards, this is what I plan to do…
    1. Print each of the seasonal cards (there is one page per season) here.
    2. Click on “Seasons & Clothing Matching”
    3. Cut the cards apart.
    4. Attach a piece of magnetic tape to the back of each card.
    5. Place the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter cards side-by-side on the front of the fridge.
    6. Scatter all of the other cards face-down on the living room floor.
    7. To Play:
      • The kids will choose a card on the floor, then run to the fridge and place it underneath the matching season.
      • Switch and take turns until all the cards are sorted.

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