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Monday, February 13, 2012

Sweetheart Math

Sweetheart Math has become a tradition around here for Valentine’s Day.

My kids always enjoy getting their own box of conversation hearts and counting, sorting, graphing and eating them. I usually just draw up a quick sorting and graphing page, but this year I found some great printables from PreKinders!

These printables are wonderful and have saved me a lot of time. So THANK YOU PreKinders for these great printables and more activities here!


You’ll need a box of Sweetheart Conversation Hearts for these activities.

image  DSC08870

  • Candy Heart Count
    1. Print this page from PreKinders here. Scroll down to find it.
    2. Put one candy heart in each heart outline.
    3. Count how many hearts of each color you have.
    4. Write that number in the boxes below.
      • TIP: Underline each color word with a crayon so pre-readers can “read” the words.
    5. Color each heart the same color as the candy.
image DSC08869
  • Color Sorting … Another great printable from PreKinders here. Again, scroll down until you see it!
    1. Sort each of the colors into the colored heart spaces. Our box had blue instead of white … no problem Smile
    2. Count each color.
    3. Write the number on the heart.
    4. You can laminate these or simply slide them into a page protector and use a dry erase marker to use over and over again!

image  DSC08871

  • Candy Heart Graph … PreKinders made this perfect candy heart graph printable here. My son just saw this and he’s so excited to print it and get sorting!
    1. Sort the candy hearts on the graph. I love that the color words are written in their color. So easy for the kids to read themselves!
    2. Ask some questions:
      • which color has the most?
      • which color has the least?
      • which color has three hearts? which has five hearts?
      • do any other the colors have the same amount of hearts?
    3. OPTIONAL: remove the candy hearts and color the graph!

DSC08872  DSC08872

  • Write your own Conversation Hearts
    1. Cut out several large hearts
    2. Choose a candy heart with a message on it
    3. Use a crayon to copy the letters onto the large heart!

Red heart

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