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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Snowmen at Night

We had preschool with friends again today! Today was my turn, so we used one of my favorite winter time books…

snowman at night

We actually read this one year round because we love it so much. We also have these other two and my kids love them just as much…


Today we used a Snowman theme and focused on Shapes!

  • Puzzles … as the kids come, it’s always fun to have an activity for them to do together. Today I just pulled out several wooden puzzles that they did at the table. Then we can say hi to everybody and chat for a minute before we start! snowman at night
  • Read Snowmen at Night by Caralyn & Mark Buehner. I love the illustrations in this book and the rhymes are so fun!


  • Snowman Shapes … this worked out well and the kids did a great job! I wish I would have taken a picture of all of them together. They all turned out different, but so cute!
    1. Beforehand, cut out the shapes:
      • 3 white circles (small, medium & large)
      • 1 black oval (bottom of top hat)
      • 1 black square (top of top hat)
      • 1 orange triangle (carrot nose)
      • 2 brown rectangles (twig arms)
    2. Use a piece of blue paper and a glue stick.
    3. Have the kids follow directions as you glue the large, medium & small circles on. Then the top hat, carrot nose and arms.
    4. Use shape words as you work on your snowman:
      • “find the biggest white circle”
      • “glue the black square on top”
      • “glue your orange triangle for his carrot nose!”
    5. Add buttons! We used circle dot stickers. I’ve also glued on real buttons before.
    6. Use a white crayon to write your name and add snow!


  • Sing “Once There Was a Snowman” and do the actions. Words and music here!

DSC07874  DSC07876

  • Paint Bags … We practiced drawing shapes! Simple & worked great.
    1. Use a gallon size Ziploc freezer bag (I used Target brand)
    2. Pour a good sized blob of paint in the bag. I used Crayola washable paints. I’m guessing any paint would work.
    3. Carefully squeeze the air out of the bag and seal. You can also tape the opening closed. We didn’t have any problems.
    4. Squish the paint around so it fills the bag.
    5. Use a Q-tip or fingers to draw shapes, letters or pictures!
    6. To “erase” use your hand to smooth the paint.
    7. NOTE: my friend’s comment was, “This is my kind of painting!” Seriously, it’s fun, but there is no mess!!


  • Melted Snowman S’mores
    1. We put these together for the kids to take home and make with their moms.
    2. Use a sandwich-sized ziploc baggie.
    3. Place 4 graham cracker squares, 2 large marshmallows, 1 small chocolate bar.
    4. Print, cut out & fold the “Melted Snowman S’mores” topper. Click the picture to download the topper!image
    5. Staple it to the top of the bag!
  • Snowman RacesI had the kids work for their melted snowman s’mores Smile They were so cute racing and it was a lot of fun! The book says …

Then the snowman games begin:
They line up in their places.
Each one anxious for his turn
in the snowman races!

    1. Line the kids up at one end of the room.
    2. Give them an empty ziploc baggie.
    3. Put a bowl of marshmallows and a bowl of chocolate bars at the other end of the room.
    4. Take turns racing down to get a marshmallow, put it in their bag, race back and sit down.
    5. Repeat to get a chocolate bar, then another marshmallow (we added the graham crackers later)
    6. Cheer each other on during your snowman race!


  • Shape SnacksFind snacks in several shapes. We had circle crackers, triangle Bugles, square cheese slices and rectangle fruit strips. Mmm.


  1. This preschool lesson was super, super fun from the snowman races (that was a kick!) to the melted snowman s'mores. What a treat! Thank you for hosting such a fun preschool. I just wish there would've been time to read the other snowman books. I've never seen those.

  2. We love snowmen in this house, and these are some great activities. Looks like they learned a lot and had fun. I am a new follower visiting from Sun Scholars. Vicky from Mess For Less

  3. This is all waaaay cute! And perfect as we are doing a snowman week next week =-) I am your newest follower. I'd love for you to follow me back, if you want to =-) I also wanted to invite you to link up at TGIF Linky Party -
    Have a great weekend,
    Beth =-)

  4. Hi! I am visiting from TGIF! What great ideas for this book. It is one of my faves too! My boys and I are working on winter this next week too and this is one book we will read for sure! I can't wait to do the shape craft with them! thanks for sharing!

  5. I believe You can find more details on any of the activities included by clicking on the letter categories in the sidebar. Coloring Pages

  6. Over from TGIF. I have this book on reserve at the library and am so excited to read it. These activities are great for little ones. Makes me want to do more with my younger kids.

  7. I like the melted snowman s'mores. That's the first time I've seen that idea. Provides a great excuse to eat a s'more in the winter!

  8. I love those books and your activities are fabulous! Those snowmen turned out so cute. I definitely need to try out that painting in a bag.


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