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Monday, December 19, 2011

Gingerbread, Gingerbread, Gingerbread

We had another great week of our friend preschool at my friend Camie’s house.

Her theme was GINGERBREAD!

I have been waiting for this week since September. There are so many fun things to do with gingerbread and it was the perfect way to end preschool for the year before our Christmas break.


  • Jingle Bell Necklaces … so simple and the kids loved them!
    1. Make a simple jingle bell necklace.
    2. String ribbon through a single jingle bell and tie.


  • Read “Jingle Bells” illustrated by Normand Chartier. Find it here!
    1. The text in this book is the same as the song “Jingle Bells”
    2. Sing the song as you read the book.
    3. Jingle your jingle bell necklaces as you read.

gingerbread boy

  • Read “The Gingerbread Boy” retold by Harriet Ziefert. This is a simple version that’s easy to read.

gingerbread 001  DSC07563

  • Gingerbread Boy Color Game … the kids enjoyed this!
    1. So this is the only picture I got of this game but it was fun.
    2. Cut out several gingerbread boys in different colors.
      • Click on the gingerbread pattern above, then right click and ‘save as’ to use it.
      • Or just trace a gingerbread cookie cutter you may have.
    3. Attach a craft stick to each gingerbread boy.
    4. Have the kids stand up and run in place as you all repeat this rhyme:
      • “Run, run as fast as you can
      • until you can name the color I am!”
    5. Run until somebody calls out the color!
    6. Then choose a new color and repeat.

gingerbread maisy

  • Read Maisy Makes Gingerbread by Lucy Cousins
    1. What a cute story! I don’t have this one, but I will be adding it to my collection soon Smile A perfect book to read if you plan to make gingerbread with your kids!

DSC07628 DSC07629

  • Gingerbread Boy Ornaments
    1. These came as a ready-to-make set from a craft store like Michaels or Joann.
      • TIP: Right now is a great time to find clearanced Christmas crafts and activities. I like to get a few to save for next year!
    2. Or you can cut out a gingerbread boy or girl from brown craft foam paper.
    3. Cut out shapes from colored foam paper and glue on!
  • Wooden Craft Ornament
    1. The kids got to decorate these cute wooden ornaments. Again, available at craft stores.
    2. Use a Q-tip to spread glitter glue on gingerbread cutout or ornament.
    3. When they dry, they sparkle and look so festive.

DSC07583  gingerbread decorating

  • Decorate a Gingerbread Boy cake! … if you can believe it, Camie made one of these gingerbread cakes for each family to decorate and take home. What a treat!
    1. Bake and cool the cakes. Camie has a great gingerbread recipe here. She used a silicone gingerbread cake mold but said those were a little tricky to bake in. You could even try cutting it out by hand?!
    2. Give the kids a small bowl of frosting and craft sticks to spread it. That worked perfectly.
    3. Have a few bowls of different candies to decorate your man!

gingerbread waffles DSC07626

  • Gingerbread Waffles with Ice Cream and Peppermint Sauce. Recipe here.

Can I just say that we are spoiled during preschool at Camie’s house?! This treat was absolutely delicious. I even made it again for my family for our family home evening treats last night and they asked me to please make it again. A perfect way to end our gingerbread day. Thanks Camie!


  1. It's more of a treat for me to have preschool at YOUR house! Thanks, Lindsy!!

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