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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Fun

We’re getting close to Halloween! What a fun time of the year. A lot of these activities are not new, but just pulling them out once a year makes them so exciting for my kids. And I love it because they’re already made … ready to go!

DSC06439 DSC06225

  • Fun Food … we started off with some extra “spooky” lunches Smile 
    1. Add eyes! I made a ton of eyeballs with royal frosting. It’s amazing how fun lunches are just by adding eyes!
      • Use the tutorial here
      • or I used a Royal Icing Mix from Jo-Ann (less than $3 w/ coupon), then added a mini chocolate chip for the pupil.
    2. Give it a name! … mummy wraps, ghost slime, red swamp water (or blood, but that’s a little goory for me), and one-eyed crispy treats.


  • Silly Pumpkin Faces
    1. Print out several silly pumpkin faces (or draw them!)
      • Click here for a scan of the ones I have. I printed them years ago and cannot find them again. Just remember, it’s a scan of a print, so not the best quality.image
      • Or there are similar pumpkin faces here.
    2. Have fun trying to copy the silly faces!


  • Mix & Match Jack-o-Lanterns
    1. Cut a large pumpkin shape from orange craft foam. I made one tall and one wide.
    2. Add a green foam stem.
    3. Cut out several eyes, noses, and mouths from black craft foam (not the sticky back kind)
    4. Mix and match the pieces to create lots of funny faces!

DSC06478  DSC06485

  • Memory Match Game … you can adapt this for any holiday or letter! My 3-year-old loves memory match right now, so we’ll be making a few more sets for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    1. Cut out several 3”x3” squares from cardstock (I used 3x5 cards and just cut them to 3x3)
    2. Get a package of Halloween stickers (if it has at least 2 sheets, you’ll have matches for each kind and you’re good to go!)
    3. Make matching sets by putting the same stickers on 2 cards.
    4. To Play:
      • Place all the cards face down.
      • Draw 2 cards. If they match, take the set. If they don’t, turn them back over and the next player goes.

image DSC06482

  • Halloween BINGO … I made up some simple BINGO cards. Click here or on the image above to print a set of 4!
    1. Make a simple 3x3 or 4x4 grid.
    2. Use clipart (I love Microsoft Clipart) to fill in each square.
    3. Print an extra set to cut up and use for the drawing cards.
    4. TO PLAY:
      • Draw a card and show the kids the picture.
      • Have them mark the same picture on their card. We have used candy corn or these little square counters.
      • We just play until the whole card is full!

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  1. What a fun mom you are. Love the food ideas, of course!


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