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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


We had our combined preschool at my friend Becky’s house last week. So much fun! The kids worked on the letter G and learned about Geckos. We had some great activities to go along with a fun book …


  • Color & Trace Letter G … as the kids came, they met at the table and colored this letter G page. Get great handwriting practice sheets from First School.


  • Read “Geckos Surf” illustrated by Jon J. Murakami. This book was so cute. The text reminded me of Sandra Boynton's books. The kids thought the illustrations were hilarious. I love the bright colors!
  • Sound like a Gecko
    • Geckos make chirping or clicking sounds. We learned that some of them sound like a kiss. Listen to them here (try #8 for the kissing sound) So interesting!
    • Let the kids practice making kissing noises like a gecko!


  • Show pictures of real geckos … get a book with pictures at the library! 
    • Notice all of the colors
    • Point out their sticky padded feet. They can climb straight up the wall.


  • Show a short video … these videos show lots of bright geckos licking jelly and climbing up walls. Pretty neat!

DSC05781 image image

  • Make Gecko Puppets
    1. Print out a large gecko clipart (click above to use one of those)
    2. Cut it out and attach a craft stick to the back.
    3. Use glue and glitter, pom poms, crayons & googly eyes to decorate!
    4. Let them dry to use for the last activity! 
  • Eat a gecko snack … geckos eat insects, but apparently they like jelly too. Have bread with jelly and raisins (bugs) and eat like geckos Smile

DSC05788 DSC05789

  • Play with Puppets … after they’re dry, use your gecko puppets to do activities straight from “Geckos Surf.” Make your geckos:
    1. surf … they can play follow the leader while their puppets surf up & down.
    2. dance … turn on some fun music and dance!
    3. climb a coconut tree … use your imagination Smile
    4. count 1, 2, 3 …practice counting all of the kids & their geckos
    5. play instruments … the kids loved playing with the shakers, drums, guitar & harmonicas!

Thanks Becky! We had a great time learning about geckos!

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