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Friday, September 9, 2011

Stomp Rockets

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I just added a new activity to our R is for Rockets unit!

Stomp Rockets.

Have you heard of them?!

My kids played with them at the school’s field day last spring and had a blast. So I ordered one from Amazon for under $15. (They’re on sale for $13 right now!)

What I love:

  1. Easy to set up … took us less than five minutes.
  2. Comes with 4 foam rockets. They’re like nerf foam so very durable.
  3. The kids could do it all by themselves. Load. Jump. Chase!
    • NOTE: My 2-year-old couldn’t jump hard enough to launch the rocket. My 3 and 6-year-olds had no problem.
  4. Gets them moving and kept their interest for almost an hour! Lots and lots of running to chase those rockets Smile
  5. You can change the angle to shoot any direction you want. Just watch out for the big trees nearby. We lost one rocket in the top of a tree Smile with tongue out


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  1. Ok I have to tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH! You saved my life! My son was going to preschool last year and was planning on sending him this year. Due to some unexpected expenses and life changes we had to cut back on some things, and sadly preschool was one thing to go. I was heartbroken and thought this wasn't fair to him at all. But I said I would work with him.
    BAD IDEA! I was a total mess and had no idea what to do where to start or anything of that nature. Lucky, for me I came across your blog! You have elminated so much stress and we're excited to get going on this! You are amazing! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
    I also feel better, because now I get an extra year with my child. Where as if he went to preschool again, I'd lose that time with him. It will be so nice to work with him and teach him but at the same time make memories!
    I don't think I can say thank you enough! ;)

  2. How funny, I just ordered two boxes from for my nephews last week! They are so much fun I should get some for my own kids!


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