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Sunday, August 21, 2011


We always have fun doing Color Days. This week for O, have an ORANGE DAY!

  • Wear orange clothes.
  • Have orange juice and orange-tinted, O-shaped pancakes for breakfast!


  • Read An Orange in January by Dianna Hutts Aston.
    1. (This is perfect because our O week falls right in January!)
    2. Let your preschooler feel an orange, roll an orange, smell an orange and help you peel an orange.
    3. TIP: I like the little clementine cuties because they are so sweet and so easy to peel!
  • Orange Hunt
    1. Paint 2 toilet paper tubes with orange paint. Let dry.
    2. Tape the tubes together. Or have the kids write their name on an orange strip of paper and wrap that around the two tubes. Secure with tape.
    3. Punch a hole in each tube and attach a long orange piece of yarn to hang the orange binoculars around your neck.
    4. Go on an orange hunt around your house or outside or at the grocery store or anywhere!
  • Mixing Orange Paint
    1. Put a small amount of red & yellow paint in a ziploc bag. Zip tightly!
    2. Let the kids rub, squeeze and mush the bag around until the colors mix to make orange paint!
  • Musical Colors
    1. Put several orange and non-orange items in a bag.
    2. Give the kids an instrument (an O-shaped pot lid and a spoon, an O-shaped oatmeal container to use as a drum, or simply a toy xylophone)
    3. Pull an item out of the bag.
    4. If it is orange, PLAY YOUR INSTRUMENT!
    5. If it is not orange, be silent!
  • Fingerpaint with butterscotch pudding. Or vanilla pudding tinted orange.

Snack Idea: Orange slices or orange-flavored jigglers Jello cut into circle shapes.

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