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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


  • B Balloon
    1. Cut out pictures that begin with B.
    2. Blow up a balloon & glue them on
    3. Bat the balloon back & forth.
    4. Say the alphabet & see how far you can get.
  • Decorate the room with lots of balloons!
  • Blow up a balloon (don't tie it!), let go and let it zooom around the room.
  • Water Balloon Toss
    1. Fill several balloons up with water and tie the end.
    2. Go outside and stand a foot apart
    3. Toss the balloon to each other until it POPS!
    4. TIP: to make it a little simpler for little guys, have them hold a bowl to catch the balloon in. Or fill the balloon with just a little bit of water so when it falls, it won’t pop easily.


  • Batting Balloons
    1. Blow up several balloons and hang them from the ceiling with string.
    2. You can write a big B on the balloons if you’d like.
    3. Turn on some fun music and let the kid BOP, BAT and BONK the balloons.
    4. Have them say the /b/ sound as they bump the balloons.

Treat Idea: Decorate a rice cake with frosting. Add a licorice string!

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