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Friday, July 22, 2011


vehicles 001

  • Missing Vehicle Game
    1. Make 3 copies of a boat, car, airplane and train clipart on 3 different colors of cardstock. Cut them out.
    2. Lay the cards on the floor with all red in the first row, all yellow in the second, all blue in the third.
    3. Make sure each column has the same vehicle (all the boats in the first column, cars in the second column...).
    4. Have the kids describe what they see & guide them to notice the rows are the same color & the columns are the same picture.
    5. Have the kids cover their eyes while you remove one of the cards.
    6. Help them identify the missing card by naming the color & the picture. Try it again!
  • Vehicle Sorting
    1. Use the same vehicle cards from above & place them in a bag.
    2. Make 2 circles on the floor with yard (or use hoola hoops).
    3. Label the circles with tags that say "boats" & "not boats".
    4. Let the kids take one card from the bag & identify which circle it goes in. Continue with all the cards.
    5. Repeat by re-labeling the circles with different categories (red/not red, planes/not planes). Great for sorting skills!

vehicle7  vehicle10  vehicle9

  • Construction Vehicle Counting
    1. Make several copies of 3 different construction vehicles. Just click on the images above if you’d like to use those!
    2. Draw a simple construction background on a large sheet of paper.
    3. Place a counting key in the bottom corner. Example:
      • __ bulldozers
      • __ steamrollers
      • __ dump trucks
      • __ cement mixers
    4. Introduce the name of each vehicle, then let the kids tape them to the construction site.
    5. When all cards are attached, count the number of each vehicle and write it in the key (one of them should be zero!)
    6. Show them that there are no steamrollers and they should write 0 in the steamroller place.


  • Vehicles Rhyme Game
    1. Print out pictures of four different construction vehicles on cardstock.
    2. Cut them out and laminate for durability.
    3. Repeat the following rhyme and let the kids remove a vehicle each time...

[Four] big machines at the construction site

Worked, worked, worked with all [their] might!

The foreman called the [dump truck] away.

Then [three] big machines were left that day.

Snack Idea: Edible Excavators

    1. Cook ground beef with mild taco seasoning.
    2. Read a book about excavators & show how it uses its bucket to dig holes in the ground.
    3. Give the kids corn chip scoops (buckets) and have them scoop five loads of dirt (ground beef) into their bowl.
    4. Give them a few extra scoops to eat their dirt.

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