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Wednesday, July 27, 2011



  • Rainbows on the Wall
    1. Explain that rainbows are seen outside when sunlight shines through raindrops.
    2. Gather a pan of water, sunlight and a mirror.
    3. Let the kids play with these & try to make a rainbow.
    4. After they try, help them partially submerge the mirror, then turn it to face the sunlight. A rainbow will appear on the wall!


  • Prism Rainbows
    1. Give the kids prisms and let them hold them up to the sunlight and make rainbows all over the wall. My kids have loved this.


  • Rainbow Coloring Page
    1. Print the page above from Twisty Noodle.
    2. Color in a simple rainbow pattern to match the colors they see in the rainbow on the wall.


  • Fruit Loops Rainbow
    1. Color a simple rainbow on white paper.
    2. Give the kids a bowl of Fruit Loops and let them glue the cereal by matching the colors to the rainbow lines.
    3. I usually help put dots of glue on the rainbow lines and they put the Fruit loops on the glue. I drew the rainbow for my 1-year-old but my 3-years-old liked doing it himself.

DSC00958  DSC00960

  • Tasty Rainbow Necklace
    1. String the rest of your colorful Fruit Loops on a long piece of plastic lacing to make a tasty necklace snack.

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