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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Leaves (or Fall)

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You know what I love about kids? They are happy just be go outside and play in the wind and the leaves. We have a tree that grows the most GINORMOUS leaves. Add those to a very windy day and the kids ran around having a ball. Here are some other activities to do with leaves…

  • Leaf Collection
    1. Collect as many different kinds of leaves as you can on a walk or in the backyard.
    2. Use a magnifying glass to compare the shape, colors, edges (some are bumpy, some are smooth)
    3. Examine the veins in the leaf.

leaf2  leaf

  • Leaf Rubbing Garland
    1. Lay the leaves flag on a piece of paper.
    2. Cover with another blank paper.
    3. Unwrap fall-colored crayons and lay them flat to color over the leaves.
    4. Do several rubbings, then cut them out and hang from a string to make a pretty fall garland!
    5. OR … try this version with newspaper from Life with Little Ones!
  • Pinecone Painting
    1. Tape a blank paper to the bottom of a box.
    2. Pick two fall colors and roll two pinecones in each color.
    3. Place the pinecones in the box and gently rock the box around to make a picture.
    4. Remove the paper and cut into a leaf shape.
  • Simple Leaf Subtraction!
    1. Cut out a large brown felt tree with bare branches and five fall-colored felt leaves.
    2. Recite the poem below, pausing after the 3rd line to remove a leaf and let it fall to the floor.
    3. Notice how quietly the leaves fall, then whisper the last line.
    4. Continue with the remaining leaves.

{Five} little leaves are hanging on the tree.
Along came a breeze and blew one free.
The little leaf fell without a sound.
There are {four} on the tree and {one} on the ground.

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