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Sunday, August 28, 2011

O (circle shapes)

  • Painting O’s … my 3-year-old thought this was so cool!
    1. Need a blank paper and a shallow tray of paint (orange paint would work nicely for O week!)
    2. Dip the end of a toilet paper tube into the paint, then stamp O’s all over your paper.
    3. Try the end of a straw in another color of paint to make tiny circles.
    4. Try a clean, dry plastic bottle top (you know, the screw on kind from juice bottles or a gallon of milk) for medium circles.
    5. You could even use a cup turned upside-down dipped in paint.


  • NAME-O!
    1. Write each of the kids' names on a strip of paper. To make the game a little more exciting write their full name.
    2. Give then a cup of O-shaped cereal.
    3. Place a set of letter cards in a bag.
    4. To play, remove a card and let the kids announce the letter.
    5. The kids see if they have that letter and, if so, cover it with a cheerio.
    6. When all their letters are covered, they can call out "Name-O!" Clear the cards & play again!
  • Play with a Hoola Hoop or make a simple Ring Toss game.
  • Circle Shape Hunt
    1. Go on a shape hunt around the house and find as many different circles shapes as you can (clock, plates, balls, doorknobs…)

Snack Idea: a bagel with your favorite spread and decorated with Cheerios

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  1. Just stumbled accross your site--I think I got here through Pinterest, but can't remember. You know how the internet works. haha. I am LOVING all of your ideas. Thanks so much for sharing them!


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