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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


  • Use your finger to write numbers in chocolate pudding

train1 train2

  • Print this number train from First School. Trace the numbers, color the train, cut it out and assemble a looo-o-ong number train!
  • Start a number strip. Add one number every day.
  • Get the Wiggles Out Game … ok, that’s just the name I made up for this one.
    1. On slips of paper, write several movements (jump, clap, bounce, rocket blast, run to the door, push-ups)
    2. Put the slips in a cup or hat. Have the kids choose one slip of paper.
    3. Roll a die & count the dots.
    4. Do the movement activity that many times (jump 4 times! run to the door 2 times!)
  • Number Pie … I’ve noticed that it’s usually more fun making an activity. This is one that you could make yourself ahead of time – OR – let the kids help. They may learn more by making it Smile


    1. Draw lines on a white paper plate to divide it into 8 pieces.
    2. Use stickers, dot markers, or glue small objects into each sections … 1 sticker in the first section, 2 stickers in the second, 3 in the third … all the way around to 8.
    3. Collect 8 clothespins. Write numbers 1-8 on each clothespin. If your kids are pretty young, you can write the number and add dots to count.
    4. Match and clip the numbered clothespins to the piece of pie with the same number of stickers.

Snack Idea: … PIE! Count how many bites it takes to eat a piece Smile

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