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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Little Lamb (spring!)

DSC01667  DSC01696

  • Little Lamb Handprints … This past spring we visited a barn with lots of new baby lambs. So when we got home, we did this simple sheep handprint and the kids thought it was fun.
    1. Just trace around their hand with a white crayon on black construction paper.
    2. Cut out the hand (my 6-year-old could do it, but the 3-year-old needed help).
    3. Glue the handprint upside-down on a white paper.
    4. Put glue all over the palm, then add puffy cotton balls to make the sheep's wool.
    5. Add googly eyes
    6. Then the kids colored their background with things they remembered ... red barn, hay, dirt ... and of course lots of letters for practice :)
  • Make finger Puppets to sing "Mary Had a Little Lamb"
    1. Wrap a 1" strip of paper around your finger & tape.
    2. Add hair, eyes and a dress to make Mary.
    3. Add cotton balls & googly eyes to make a sheep.
    4. OR … print & color this great finger puppet printable here! (page 2)

oatmeal sheep

  • Oatmeal Lamb
    1. Cut a simple sheep cutout from black cardstock.
    2. Add glue (spread around with finger to cover the body)
    3. Cover with dry oatmeal.
    4. Add legs & eyes to make a lamb.

snack idea: a bowl of cottage cheese with raisin eyes


  1. I love the handprint lamb! It's the perfect project for our farm week next week!

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