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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Leap Frog

  • Play leapfrog 
    1. Stand in a line, one person behind the next.
    2. Everybody crouches down, while the last person puts their hands on each back and leaps over each person in line.
    3. Then they crouch down in front and the new last person leaps.


  • Leap Frog Lily Pad Game
    1. On different colored foam craft paper, cut out 10 large lily pad shapes  (see above).
    2. With a black Sharpie marker, write large, bold numbers from 1-10 on each lily pad.
    3. Lay the lily pads out on the ground.
    4. Have the kids leap from 1-10 like a frog
    5. OR … turn the lily pads over and leap to certain colors!
  • Froggie Leap Game
    1. Make a simple game board with a start & end
    2. Using plastic frogs as markers, roll a die to see who can reach the end first.
    3. If you land on the same square as someone else, LEAP over them.


  • Watch Letter Factory, by Leapfrog … This is a great 30 minute DVD about Tad, Leap & Lilly who are at their father’s letter factory. Tad tours all of the alphabet rooms learning the letter sounds and realizes he isn’t too little to learn his letters. My kids love this one and it really helped them learn their letter names and sounds.

leap frog3 leap frog2leap frog

  • Print out, color & trace … click on one of the coloring pages above from Twisty Noodle. I love these because you can customize the text!

snack idea: Lily pad bagels … tint cream cheese green & spread on a bagel. Serve with a plastic frog on top.

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  1. Love this post! So much fun and a great way to learn number recognition and counting.


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