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Friday, June 10, 2011

Puppy Ears

DSC03138I have a little girl who absolutely loves dogs. One of her first words was “puppy!” Her favorite shirt has a sparkly puppy on the front, she has two favorite stuffed dogs to sleep with and she loves crawling around with her brothers acting like a puppy. So today, we made her some real puppy ears to wear. Super simple and would go great during D week talking about dogs or E week for ears.



Supplies Needed:

  • brown felt
  • felt glue (or if you have your sewing machine out, just use it!)
  • thin elastic
  • scissors






1. Fold the felt in half

2. Cut out a simple dog ear shape. You will end up with two identical ears.

3. Use the elastic to measure around your child’s head. Add another inch or DSC03131two and cut.

4. Tie the two ends together with a simple knot.

5. Apply a line of felt glue to the end of one ear.









6. Fold the felt over the elastic and gently hold it for a minute. Repeat with the other ear.









7. Or if you get tired of holding the ears until they dry, use clippies or anything else to hold them down.

TIP: this is when I decided it would have probably been much easier just to pull out the sewing machine and stitch a quick line across instead of messing with the glue.






You are finished!

Sorry about the lack of great pictures. She may love puppies, but she doesn’t like looking at the camera and smiling Smile with tongue out


Snack Idea: Give your new puppy a small plastic bowl with a little water and another with dog treats (aka: cheerios). Serve it on the floor and let them eat it like a puppy!

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