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Saturday, May 21, 2011


  • Buy a variety of nuts … December is a great time to find a variety of nuts in their shells at the grocery store. You can
    1. examine them
    2. sort them
    3. shake them
    4. then let the kids use a hammer (close supervision of course) to break the shells open. My kids loved cracking them open and trying the different nuts inside.
  • Hide Nuts
    1. Gather enough large brown pompoms (nuts) so that each child has four.
    2. Explain that squirrels can remember where nuts are hidden long after they're placed them there.
    3. Then have the kids hide their four nuts somewhere in the room.
    4. Later in the day, remind the kids that squirrels can remember where their nuts are hidden, then have them search for their nuts. Could they find all four of their own nuts?

Snack Idea: nuts or wheat bread with Nutella

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