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Friday, May 20, 2011

Mr. Yuk


I love pulling out the Mr. Yuk stickers for Y week. I can’t remember exactly where I got these but I have a stack of them and I know they were free. I looked it up online and if you just google “Mr. Yuk stickers” and your state you should be able to find them for free from the Poison Control Center. It also said that you can ask at your local pharmacy for free stickers.

My 3-year-old can get into any child-proof, sealed anything, including vitamins and medicine. So this was good for us to talk about again. I put 3-4 cleaners on the table (Windex, 409, Pledge, whatever you have under your sink) and 3-4 healthy foods (banana, crackers, honey, yogurt cup).

I showed him the Mr. Yuk stickers and asked him what the sticker face was saying (it’s a pretty obvious “YUK” face.) We talked about how some things are good for our bodies and some things are YUCK and can hurt our bodies and make us sick. I had him pick out either a healthy item or a YUK item and we talked about how we should never put these in our mouths.

He loved putting a “Mr. Yucky” sticker on each cleaner. Then we looked for any others under the sink and in the bathroom. We even put one on the Neosporin and Tylenol bottle. Even though we use them when we’re sick, we should never open them unless Mom or Dad gives it to us when we’re sick. I think he really got the idea that those things are not good for us.

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