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Monday, May 23, 2011


  • Make glue ghosts
    1. Draw a simple ghost & put a piece of wax paper on top.
    2. Fill the outline with glue.
    3. Add googly eyes & let dry.
    4. You can peel the glue ghost right up after it dries.
  • Make sucker ghosts
    1. Cover a sucker with a piece of tissue paper (or kleenex).
    2. Tie a ribbon around the bottom and add eyes
  • Dress up like ghosts
  • Go on a ghost hunt
    1. Paint toilet paper tubes white (or roll up white paper).
    2. Cut out 2 ghost shapes & hide them.
    3. Use the TP tubes to make ghost noises (ooooooooohH!) until you find the ghosts


  • Make handprint ghosts
    1. Paint your palm & fingers with white paint.
    2. Make a handprint on black paper. Add eyes & a mouth.
  • Make ghost windsocks
    1. Cut out 2 circle eyes and 1 circle mouth from black paper (if your preschooler can do it, great!)
    2. Glue the eyes and mouth to the middle of a white piece of paper.
    3. Insert the ghost face into a clear plastic page protector.
    4. Roll it into a tube and tape along the edge to hold a cylinder shape.
    5. Cut a white garbage bag into strips & attach to the bottom of the tube.
    6. Loop a string through the page protector holes and hang it up outside!
(99) our ghosts
  • Another Ghost Windsock
    1. Use a white garbage bag.
    2. Stuff crumbled newspaper in one corner and tie off for the head.
    3. Draw a face!
  • Invisible Ghost Painting
    1. Draw ghosts on white paper with white crayons.
    2. Let the kids paint with a dark watercolor (or diluted poster paints) and the ghosts will magically appear!

treat idea: Nutter Butter Ghosts ghostnutterbutter

    1. Melt a bowl of white chocolate chips
    2. Dip Nutter Butter cookies into the white chocolate
    3. Lay on wax paper.
    4. Add 2 chocolate chip eyes before the white chocolate dries.

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