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Sunday, September 18, 2011



  • Jump in the leaves!

autumn wreath

  • Fall Wreath
    1. Grab an empty egg carton and go for a fall walk.
    2. Collect anything that reminds you of fall time … leaves, sticks, nuts, helicopters (I think they’re really maple seeds).
    3. When you get home, cut the inside out of a paper plate or cut a donut shape from a brown grocery bag.
    4. Glue all of your treasures to the plate to make a festive wreath!
  • Pinecone painting
    1. Tape a blank paper to the bottom of a box.
    2. Pick two fall colors and roll two pinecones in each color.
    3. Place the pinecones in the box and gently rock the box around to make a picture.
    4. Remove the paper and cut into a leaf shape.
  • Fall Poem
    1. Type out the following poem and practice it a few times with the kids.
    2. Help them glue it onto a fall-colored piece of paper.
    3. Decorate the border with fall-themed stickers!

Signs of fall are all around.

Apples, scarecrows, leaves on the ground,

Cozy sweaters, and pumpkin pie.

It feels like fall - my, oh my!

  • Fall Book … This is a cute fall time booklet for the kids to put together.
    1. Print the pages below (click the picture). Print the cover page on fall-colored paper and the inside pages on white. Cut the pages in half and stack.
    2. Read the text, then guide the kids through the simple directions below to complete each page.

fall 001 fall 002 fall 003

    • Cover … Trace the title “Fall Brings” and write your name.
    • Page 1 … Pumpkins round
      • Tape pieces of curling ribbon to the pumpkins to resemble vines.
    • Page 2 ... Frost on the ground
      • Spread glue over the grass
      • Then sprinkle silver glitter over the glue to resemble frost.
    • Page 3 ... Falling leaves
      • Press your finger on a red ink pad, then make prints on & below the tree to make foliage.
      • Repeat with other fall colors.
    • Page 4 ... And longer sleeves
      • Cut a long-sleeved shirt and long pants from fabric scraps.
      • Glue them onto the person outline.
      • Finish coloring the boy or girl. Add a face, hair, shoes … whatever you want!
  • Mixing Fall Colors
    1. Place red & yellow tempera paint & a bath puff in each of 2 shallow containers.
    2. Draw an outline of a tree trunk on a large sheet of newsprint.
    3. Work together with your preschooler to color the tree trunk.
    4. Then each of you grab a puff (one using yellow, one using red) to make lots of foliage.
    5. When you work together, you will make orange foliage too!


  1. When I went to print your Fall Brings book it would only print the upper left hand corner. Haven't had that happen before with your stuff.

  2. Hi Kali, I just tried it and it printed for me. I had to click on the picture, choose download (bottom-right), then open (or save) and print from there. Let me know if you still have troubles!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for letting me know! I just uploaded it in Google Docs instead so it should work easier now. Let me know if not. Enjoy!


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