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Monday, May 23, 2011


green eggs and ham

  • Read "Green Eggs & Ham" by Dr. Seuss. Available here.
  • Before you read …
    1. Give each child a yellow circle.
    2. Draw a happy face on one side & a sad face on the other.
    3. Name different foods and have the kids show a happy face if they like it, a sad face if they don't.
    4. End by say "green eggs & ham..."
    5. Tell the kids the book is about someone who doesn't think he likes green eggs & ham.
  • While you read …
    1. Give the kids a green bingo dauber and a large piece of white paper.
    2. Each time he hears the phrase "green eggs & ham," prompt him to stamp the dauber on his paper.
    3. After the story, count the green dots.
    4. Then draw a squiggly circle (egg white) around each green yolk.
  • After you read …

eggwhite  eggcooked

    • Flip the Eggs
      1. Attach an egg cutout (in the shell) to one side of several juice can lids.
      2. Attach a cooked egg cutout (squiggly white circle with a yellow yolk inside) to the other side.
      3. Place them in a frying pan, raw side up Smile
      4. Use a spatula to flip the eggs until cooked, then transfer them to a paper plate.
    • Rhyming
      1. Prepare 2 sentence strips (below).
      2. Prepare clipart of rhyming objects (snake, lake ... bear, chair ... duck, truck ... tree, bee).
      3. Place one of the clipart at the end of the first sentence.
      4. Read it and let the kids find the rhyming clipart to finish the last sentence.
      5. Remove & repeat with remaining clipart.

Would you like them with a _______ ?

Would you like them in a ________ ?

  • I Would Eat Them…
    1. Cut out a favorite food from a grocery ad.
    2. Glue it to the center of a paper plate.
    3. Ask each child to name a fun place where she would eat this tasty food.
    4. Write her response on the plate ... "I would eat hot dogs in a tree"
  • Make green eggs & ham (so, ours actually ended up as Green Eggs & Ham Bugs)
    1. Add green food coloring to a beaten egg.
    2. Chop up some ham into cubes.
    3. Scramble the eggs and ham together.
  • Have an Easter Egg hunt ... no matter what month it is!
  • Egg Match Game
    1. Write numbers 1-12 on plastic eggs & also inside an empty egg carton.
    2. Hide the eggs.
    3. When the kids find them, match the egg to it's place in the carton.
  • Egg Math Puzzles
    1. Cut out 10 large egg shapes.
    2. Cut the eggs in half.
    3. Write number 1-10 on one half & let the kids help put the same number of egg or chick stickers on the other half.
    4. Match them.

bacon eggcooked cheese 

bacon clipart from Free Clip Art Provided by Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved.

  • Eggs & Bacon Patterns
    1. Cut out a giant white circle and fold to resemble a tortilla burrito.
    2. Cut out several egg & bacon cliparts.
    3. Tell the kids you need help filling the burrito and start by placing a few clipart in the burrito in a simple pattern (egg, bacon, egg, bacon).
    4. Let the kids extend the pattern until the burrito is completely filled.
    5. Remove the eggs & bacon and use new clipart to fill the burrito with tasty patterns again.

snack idea: green eggs & ham or hard-boiled eggs

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