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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie)

  • Make chocolate chip cookies together

DSC04581  DSC04582

  • Chocolate Chip Counting Game
    1. Cut out 10 circles (cookies) from craft foam paper (or cardstock and laminate).
    2. On the first cookie, use a marker to make one dot.
    3. On the second, make 2 dots.
    4. On the third, make 3 dots, etc.
    5. Let the kids use chocolate chips to cover the dots & count up to 10!
    6. I also write the numeral and name on the back of each cookie.DSC04586
    7. FYI: just so you know, this is how I store most of my games. In a ziploc baggie (I like the One-Zip bags the best because my kids can open & close them) with the letter & theme written on the front. Then I keep them in a photo storage box.


  • Read "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" by Laura Numeroff
  • I love these ideas from Craftoholics Anonymous. We had a fun afternoon with them… 
    1. First, we made chocolate chip cookies together. I had the kids take turns adding ingredients.                                                   DSC05121  DSC05128
    2. While the cookies are baking, read the book and do several of the activities the little mouse does in the book:
    3. Sweep the kitchen floor!                                                       DSC05124  DSC05127 
    4. Draw a mouse picture with crayons and let them sign their name … with a pen. Use the mouse picture below and add blue overalls or click the link here for a coloring page from the actual book!mouse2
    5. Hang the picture on the refrigerator with tape.
    6. Get a glass of milk and enjoy with … a freshly baked cookie to go with it!

snack idea: chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk

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