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Saturday, May 21, 2011



  • Glue B page ... draw a large letter B, trace with glue, and glue on buttons
  • Sort buttons in a muffin tin
  • String buttons & beads on pipe cleaners


  • Read “Corduroy” by Don Freeman … about a little bear who realizes his button is missing and spends the night searching for it.
  • Button, Button, Where’s the Button?
    1. After you read, hide a large button (or 2 or 3) & find it just like Corduroy.
  • Which Button is Missing?
    1. Use about 10 very different buttons.
    2. Lay them out on a tray.
    3. Let the kids look at them for a minute.
    4. Have them close their eyes and remove one of the buttons.
    5. Open their eyes and see if they can remember which button is missing.
  • Wear pants & shirts with buttons on them ... count everyone's buttons
  • Do button or bead pattern cards
    1. On an index card draw the start of a pattern (blue button, red button, blue button)
    2. Punch a hole on the edge of the card & attach a string so the kids can continue the pattern by stringing on buttons or beads.

Snack Idea: broccoli & ranch dip

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