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Monday, May 23, 2011


  • Go for a walk & let the kids use a digital camera to take pictures of all the bugs they find
  • Make patterns with plastic bugs ... bug, marshmallow, bug, marshmallow
  • Make a bug book … blank board books in several different sizes are found here. 
    1. First page … "Blue Bug, Blue Bug, What do you see?"
    2. The next page could be "I see an orange bug looking at me"
    3. Then red bug, green bug, purple bug.
    4. Let the kids cut out bug shapes for each page & add eyes & legs ... or do your book with all blue (blue bird, blue fish, blue cow).
    5. End the book with a picture of your kids "...looking at me"


(Sorry for the beat up looking book. We made this one in 2007 and it’s been loved. I found this little blank board book at a teacher supply store. Amazon also has them here. I think the kids like reading it so much because of the repetition and colored words they can “read” themselves when they’re little)

  • Bug match game ... I found a bulletin board border with bugs. Use one strip of border & cut out matching bugs from another strip of border. Let the kids match.
  • Bee Beehive
    1. Label a brown beehive cutout with a variety of different letters (make several of them Bs).
    2. Make several yellow bee clipart circles, large enough to cover each letter.
    3. The kids can use the bee clipart circles to cover up all the letter Bs!
  • Fly like a Bumble Bee
    1. Attach yellow & black crepe paper streamers to two elastic hair bands.
    2. Slip a hair band around each wrist and dance to Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's "The Flight of the Bumblebee" (click for a link to the song!)

snack idea: bagel bugs ...

  1. (13)Spread bagels with cream cheese.
  2. Add stick pretzel legs, mini marshmallow or cheese cube feet, and raisin eyes.

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