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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


  • Birds Fly South
    1. Explain that some birds fly south for the winter.
    2. Make simple paper airplanes and secure the underside of each plane (near the nose) with a paper clip.
    3. Decorate the plane with crayons and craft feathers to look like a bird.
    4. When dry, point them in the right direction and fly the birds south!

DSC09708 DSC09713 DSC09717

  • Build a simple birdhouse together.
    1. I actually just cut out the separate pieces with scrap wood and drilled holes for the opening and perch. Amazon actually has several ready-to-build kits here (very reasonable prices too)!
    2. There are GREAT ideas for alternate birdhouses (pinecones, pop bottles, recycled materials) found here. Just scroll down. I’m going to try some of these next time!

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